Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Making annotated representations of Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Begun today after the California map quiz, the Gehry/Disney model is now worth 20 pts. Please complete it at home. The new deadline - negotiated by 6th hr - is Thursday. The instructions, as on the board today:

The Disney / Gehry model . . .
* Cut out the shapes that imply the sculptural forms created by Frank Gehry in Disney Hall. I suggest 6 pieces or modules. Make it 3 dimensional, a la Gehry. Assemble w glue. 4 pts.
* Complete an annotated design for your notebook that will communicate the facts surrounding this landmark. Include material on Disney Hall (4 items/pts) and Gehry (4) . Add it by neat hand printing.
* add a small map of Los Angeles with 5 identifications (3).
* Write 5 multiple choice questions (5 pts) about this material on a separate sheet. (5 pts) Aim them at your classmates or parents.
An example: The Walt Disney Concert Hall seats 2300 and cost almost a) $10 million b) $100 million c) $300 million d) $1 jillion.

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