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St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, after depredations by Katrina via Lake Borgne, the Miss River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) and the Industrial Canal

St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
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Hand-sketched map quiz Tuesday . . .

Map of New Orleans, aka the Crescent City:

* Miss R
* L Pontchartrain
* French Quarter (vieux carre, barrio viejo)
* Uptown (St Charles Ave): Tulane, Loyola, Xavier U. streetcars, Audubon park & Zoo.
* Industrial Canal / ship channel connecting L Pontchartrain and Miss R.

croissant: crescent

Disney Concert Hall / Quiz 2

1. What concert facility in Shreveport is comparable in size - number of seats - to Disney Hall? a) CMHS PAC b) Spt Civic Theater c) Municipal Auditorium d) CenturyTel.
2. What was the result of the mismanagement of the Disney Hall project?
a) a building that will roast you if you don’t step lively. b) 16 year elapsed time c) a ton of publicity.
3. Who was the originator of the Disney Hall project?
a) Frank Gehry b) Lillian Disney c) Walt Disney
4. Compare the cost of the Disney Hall ($274M) to the cost of Pirates of the Caribbean ($250M).
a) For that much they should have made a movie about Disney Hall.
b) There may be more waste in city building construction than in Hollywood productions.
c) Both are great entertainments that will draw viewers for a long time.
5. Frank Gehry buildings are to be found in Chicago, Seattle (and many more USA cities) and in __.
a) Spain b) Malta c) Ireland d) Mexico.
6. Academic writers think of Gehry’s designs as
a) 3 dimensional b) deconstructivist c) touristy.
7. In what way might we be able to compare the Eiffel Tower, Paris, with the EMP, Seattle?
Both were a) not in harmony with their surroundings
b) made of steel and very challenging to view
c) both near the water d) not cheap by admission price.
8. Gehry, says, cares less about budgetary and time restraints than he does about the beauty of his finished product. T / F
9. On the map of New Orleans, find one area that was not entirely flooded. a) Lakeview b) Broadmoor c) Gentilly d) Uptown.
10. The name of the source for the New Orleans / Katrina map: a) b) World Book c) Times Picayune d) Google.

Spt Civic Theater 1700
Mun Aud 2400
Bossier Civic Center 3000
Hirsch 7000n to 11000
CenturyTel Center 14000,
acc to Spt-Bossier Tourism & Convention Bureau.

Plagiarism: using another person’s words or ideas without citing them as the source.
The answer? Documentation.

*** *** *** is now viewable on school library computers.

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