Monday, August 21, 2006

Frank Gehry and the endless project: 16 years of development on the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Gehry Flare
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Ciao! Don't forget the California map quizzes Tues.

Notes from Mon, Aug 21:

Map of Spt, bisected by I-20 and I-49:
East Spt: S of I-20, E of I-49
West Spt: S of I-20, W of I-49
North Spt: N of I-20
South Spt: S of 3132
Which of these great highways directly parallels the principal railroad tracks?

Walt Disney Concert Hall, acc to
- seats 2300
- Comparison: Spt Civic Theater

- home of LA Philharmonic, LA Master Chorale
- excellent acoustics

- begun in 1987 / Lillian Disney
- 4 yrs pre-construction work
- underground parking
- mismanagement causes delays
- 2003. complete
- 16 years
- $274 M

- design flaw: parabolic reflector effect causes enormous heat and blinding light in neighborhood, incl. spontaneous combustion.
- Surfaces sanded.

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