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Lower 9th Ward: Katrina practice quiz and the Katrina X house symbol

Lower 9th Ward
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Katrina practice quiz -

1. Approximate number dead after the Katrina storm and flood: a) 1000 b) 2000 c) 5000 d) 8000.
2. Katrina formed as a storm in the region of the
a) African Atlantic coast b) Bermuda c) Bahamas
d) Gulf of Mexico.
3. Approximately __ of the Crescent City was flooded;
a) 50% b) 80% c) 99% d) 110%.
4. French word for a type of pastry that means “crescent.” a) croissier b) croissant c) crepe d) souffle.
5. New Orleans disaster planners and the US Corps of Engineers did not entirely expect a storm of Katrina’s magnitude. T / F
6. Storm shelter capacity - approximate - of the Superdome: a) 25,000 b) 50,000 c) 100,000.
7. “Breach” means a) to break b) to fill up c) to mount higher d) to reach.
8. This waterway was created by the Corps of Engineers to shorten the path of ships accessing the port of New Orleans: a) Miss River Gulf Outlet (Mr Go)
b) Intracoastal Waterway c) Industrial Canal d) Lake Borgne.
9. Most valuable natural resource associated with the Gulf of Mexico: a) shrimp b) petroleum c) litigation.
10. Most nations across the globe are so tied up with their own conflicts and disasters that the US bore the entire cost of Katrina aid. T / F
1. Some 1,800. 2. Bahamas 3. 80% 4. croissant
5. False 6. 25,000 7. to break 8. MrGo 9. petroleum
10. False.

From on the spray-painted X found on New Orleans houses:

The markings follow a system. One slash is made when rescuers enter a house. A crossing slash is made when the team exits. The left quadrant records the team name - for example, "MO - 1" stood for Missouri Task Force One. The date is recorded at the top. Any hazards - such as rats or a gas leak - are marked on the right. (In New Orleans, this side was also used to note whether the team entered the building.) At the bottom is the number of victims.
"It is an universal language for rescue teams," said Doug Westhoff, Missouri task force team leader.

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