Monday, August 28, 2006

Sushi....flash drive / consume with care

Sushi....flash drive
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Highly, highly recommended for high schoolers: a flash drive.

BTW, our first library visit to make Powerpoint-type presentations will be Sept 6 and 7.

Flash drive / USB drive / Jump drive

* Storage of all sorts of digital files, incl. mp3’s, photos (Jpg’s, Tiff’s) and documents, plus Powerpoint-type projects.
* Replaces need for “floppy” disks.
* Stable and re-writable! Large capacity, too. As low as $10 for a 256 mb model. As low as $30 for a 1 gigabyte drive.
* Long-term storage solution. Store all your schoolwork here and enjoy being organized.
* An iPod Shuffle is actually a flash drive; so is a Nano. With an extra USB cable any mp3 player might be a USB drive storage device.
* The lifetime skill of Record Keeping: the concept of Back Up the Most Important Files on your computer by copying them on a flash drive.
* Hard drives are the typical storage device on a computer. Hard drives store from 60 gigabytes to 200 gigs. But they’re expensive - the spinning disk inside is a precision instrument and, Lordy, please don’t drop it.
* Flash drives will, in the not too-distant future, carry more than our files. They will transport the software from our computer at home. Anywhere in the world we will plug a flash drive into a terminal and see the face and software of our computer - as though we were at home. and

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