Sunday, August 27, 2006

First years, the Class of 2010, can access the Mondotrudeau class blog in the CMHS library

First years
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Open at lunch, at Activity Period, which is on Wednesdays, 10:20 to 10:45, and open before and after school, the CMHS library has some 30 terminals. Plus there are 2 librarians and a very helpful library assistant to make sure things go smoothly. can be accessed on every digital station in the school library.

Parents and students are expected to read and print out - where needed - on Sundays (anytime after 1 pm) and Wednesday evenings. That way the usual Thursday open-notes quiz and occasional Tuesday map quiz and as-scheduled projects will be on everyone's agenda.

Scroll down if you're looking for assignments for the week of Aug 28, please.

Scores: students will know all their scores by mid-week and I plan to send home early progress report print-outs to All families Tuesday, Sept 5.

Some 10 parents have gotten a call from me with concerns about student performance. Early adjustments are best!

I'm sure more parents will be on my list this week. After all, I work with 143 clients per day. If you are worried - who's not? - and want an even quicker update, email me at

Finally, the 1st Brown Bag Parent Lunch at 1:30 on a Friday drew a terrific group of 5 parents. There will be another meeting in my classroom, C4, this Friday. Please RSVP by email or call but failing that I'll be happy to see you regardless.

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